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What is Pet Assure, and how does it differ from traditional pet insurance?

Pet Assure is not a traditional pet insurance policy. Instead, it's a veterinary discount plan that offers immediate discounts on in-house veterinary services. Unlike traditional pet insurance where you pay a vet bill upfront and then get reimbursed after filing a claim, with Pet Assure, you get an instant discount (often around 25%) at the time of service. There are no claim forms, waiting periods, or exclusions based on age, breed, or health condition.

Pet Assure typically covers a wide range of in-house veterinary services. This includes exams, surgeries, dental cleanings, vaccinations, X-rays, and more. However, it's essential to note that the discount doesn't apply to non-medical services like grooming or boarding or to outside services such as medications or laboratory fees.

No, Pet Assure accepts all pets regardless of age, breed, or health condition. This includes pets with pre-existing conditions. There are no waiting periods, which means you can use the service immediately upon enrollment.

Yes, many pet owners use Pet Assure alongside traditional pet insurance. You can use Pet Assure to get an immediate discount on in-house services, and then file a claim with your regular pet insurance for any additional coverage they might offer. This can maximize your savings and ensure comprehensive care for your pet.


Pet Assure Insurance Plan

Wellness Exams


Fecal or Internal Parasite Tests


Flea/Tick or Heartwork Medication

Free Medical Pet Advice Chat

Custom Pricing

Dental Cleaning

Insurance Simplified

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Blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, MRIs, labwork, CT scans, and ultrasounds.


Outpatient, specialty and emergency care, hospitalization, and surgery.


Injections and prescription meds.